What Teaching Looks Like in ND

Teaching has changed from lecture-driven classrooms to student-driven, digital environments. Learn more about the way teachers are ensuring learning. 

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Standards vs. Curriculum

Find out the difference between standards (what students should know and be able to do), and curriculum (what resources teachers use to facilitate learning. 

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What We Expect our Students to Know and Be Able to Do

Find out more about the standards of learning that we use in North Dakota. 

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Shifts in Evaluation

North Dakota has a process for evaluating teachers and administrators in action. Find out some helpful guidance for ensuring high quality staff in your building. 

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School Improvement

Every school works on improving their quality of education. North Dakota has assisted schools by providing access to AdvancEd. Find out more about your role in school improvement. 

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Data Protection

North Dakota has clear requirements for the protection of student data. This video gives a basic understanding of a school's role in protecting data. 

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Data Utilization - SLDS

North Dakota has a statewide longitudinal data system that assists teachers with making changes in the classroom. Learn more from ND's Data Steward

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 Another Great video on State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) - external site