About Us

RESP History

The Roughrider Education Services Program - RESP was officially organized on May 29, 2002 under a Joint Powers Agreement.  A shared vision of collaboration to provide enhanced educational services for the benefit of students and educators in southwestern North Dakota became the foundation of  RESP.  This grassroots effort of school districts in southwestern North Dakota became a model for other areas of the state as eight more organizations were developed.

Today, Roughrider Education Services Program continues to be a leader in the services we provide for educators and students in our area.
RESP is made up of nineteen school districts and five cooperating partners.

Member School Districts:

Beach Public School District    
Belfield Public School District
Billings County Public School District
Bowman County Public School District
Central Elementary #32 Public School District
Dickinson Public School District    
Dickinson Catholic Schools
Glen Ullin Public School District
Lonetree-Golva Public School District
Halliday Public School District
Hebron Public School District

Hettinger  Public School District     
Killdeer Public School District
Mott-Regent Public School District
Marmarth Public School District
New England Public School District
Richardton-Taylor Public School District
Scranton Public School District
South Heart Public School District    
Twin Buttes  Public School District

 Cooperating Partners:

Dickinson State University
Roughrider Career & Technology Center
West Dakota Parent & Family Resource Center

 Dickinson Catholic Schools
 North Dakota Career Resource Nework

The organization is governed by a board consisting on one school board member per district.  This group elects a chair and vice chair and meets six times per year making the financial and policy decisions.  Administrators from each member district elect a chair and vice chair and meet monthly. Along with the director and educational facilitator they determine the administrative and students activities for the group.

The RESP staff consists of a director who is employed for 145 days, educational facilitator who is employed for 110 days and a .50 administrative assistant.  Under the guidance of the director, the staff is in charge of designing, implementing and facilitating the activities of the organization. 

Finances for the organization come from a variety of sources including a per student payment by the state, and a $750.00 membership fee for each district. Some additional revenue comes from grants.