Stay safe and healthy, The RESP Team.

Our offices are located at
St. Joe's Plaza
30 7th St W Dickinson, ND 

Please note our mailing address:
PO Box 412
South Heart, ND 58655-0412


RESP says goodbye to the following superintendents and principals; thank you for your service to our schools:

Kelly Koppinger, David Wegner,
John Pretzer, Timothy Tharp, Willie Tibault, Tony Duletski and Scott Bohn

  RESP also welcomes new principals and superintendents; we look forward to working with you:

Jessica Geis, Suzi Reddick,
Zachary Slayton, Kelly Pierce,
Kirby Cagle, David Schneider, Jeff Brandt, Libby Almy, Brent Bautz, John Barry and Marcus Lewton

Have a great school year!

Welcome to
Roughrider Education Services Program (RESP) 

Our mission at RESP is to serve and assist schools within our region in all of their efforts toward school improvement, while taking into consideration their individual school's needs.

RESP Catalog of Services
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"Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow." 
Anthony J. D'Angelo

Please call 483-0999 or email  to request Professional Development Services from RESP

Located at St. Joe's Plaza, 30 7th Street West, Dickinson        Phone: 701.483.0999   
Mail: PO Box 412, South Heart, ND 58655